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Who we Are

First Choice Welmed Investment Limited Company is a registered Company in Kenya and a Certified Quiko Italy Access Automation Experts in East Africa.Lead by Urge to give our clients the best, We work with our clients from stage of Conceptualization, Installation and final Automation.


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Top Notch Security Systems

Our Mission

To offer the Best Access Solutions To All our Clients in the region and help them not only improve in saving an extra minute but to have to quality security at there premises.

Our Vission

To Automate Africa, Be The leading Access Automation Company in Kenya, East Africa and the Whole of Africa.

Why Automate With Us

Have you ever wonder the amount of time and effort it takes one to open and close the main gate every day?Every day millions of people waste useful time opening and closing gates from one premise to another.With a fast-moving and growing world an extra minute saved by Automation accumulate to precious time in the long run and that is why we First Choice Welmed are proud to offer you our Access Automation Solutions to ease your daily struggle of opening and closing gate and also helping you to add an extra layer of security in your premises and property.

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Advantages of Access Automation


Automated gates allow people to enter properties without having to get out of their cars to open manual gates – a clear advantage when it’s raining or late at night. It also closes automatically so that you don’t have to be mindful of closing and locking the gate after entering.


Automated gates, as their name implies, come with automatic locks, integrated safety beams, and other features that boost security. Also, doing away with the need to get out of the car to open and close the gates significantly lowers the risk of something happening while you are outside the car such as getting mugged or having your car stolen.


An automated gate lets you control who enters and exits your property. This feature goes beyond added protection for your kids or convenience for your guests.


Automated gates can fit properties of most sizes and shapes. For example, if you don’t have room for a swinging double gate, you can opt for a sliding automated gate instead.


Landscaping and parking area capacity are no longer problems when you decide on having automated sliding gates for your property. Since they slide instead of swing inside or outside, landscaping areas are not affected and so are parking areas. You can use even the space right by the sliding gate because it will not take up a large area when opening or closing. Smaller properties greatly benefit by opting to go with installing sliding gates.


These gates are highly customisable and could easily accommodate most personal preferences. You get to decide the sliding gate’s size, material, and finish down towards its features, drive system, and safety devices. Since they are highly customisable, it can enhance your property’s exterior. Also, having this particular feature can easily boost your property’s market value and increases its appeal should you wish to sell in the future.