Get the best CCTV Equipment and Alarm Systems

In CCTV Instalation we offer full instalation of the CCTV Syetem Starting from the Cameras, Cabling, Preview Screen, Online Server making sure that all areas that our clients render important to cover are well within the range of the High Definition Cameras that we use.

When it comes to the alarm systems we offer a vast variety of installation ranging from motion detectors,Fire Detectors, Anti Bugler Alarm Systems,Laser Beams,Smoke Detectors among others. As for the sell and installation of this products we are open to doing a comprehensive alarm security system to simple security system with regards to the needs of our clients.


cctv & Alarm System Products


For the best CCTV System we do install ANNKE TECHNOLOGIES high quality CCTV Systems and we do work with our clients from start to finish and there after offer maintenance services to our clients.

In majority of our installations we do install Risco Group Alarm Systems which have proven to be the best in the market and they are easily to integrate with other products that we do offer for whole sum security..