Maximum Security Plus Power Back Up!

If you are in need of maximum security by installition of electric fence be it full electric fence like the once used for securing farms or residential security electric fence,we are the right partners to make yourelectric security project a reality.Being an automation Company we are glad and proud of our highly educated electric engineers who usually work with our clients from the point of conceptualization of the project to the completion while giving the best advise and following internationally laid down rules and regulations.

Besides Electric Fence Installation as a company we are also proud to sell and install for our clients High end Uninterrupted power supplies for use as back up in case of power blackouts.For all the ups that we stock they handle power blackouts and surges automatically hence no need for one to worry of loosing data or machine malfunction due to an abrupt cut in power supply.

If you happen to work in an area that is of the grid we got you covered to with super powerful inverters which helps convert direct current into alternating current giving you the power that you need to run your machines.

Electric Fence, UPS and Inverter Products


We do Install Gallagher and  and Hammer Electric Fences and Accessories which are guaranteed to last for very long and offer the best electric security

Never Loose Data again due to power fluctuation, protect all your electric appliances with one of our super Uninterrupted Power Supplies by choosing from the wide range of UPS’s that we Stock

With our POWER MUST inverters even the smallest amount of DC Current can be of help in running a machine that is configured to use Alternating Current.Have your generator back up system run automatically with the use of our  inverters