About IG710BT Scanner

IG710BT is a brand new rugged gun-type handheld area imager bar code scanner, which supports IP54 water and dust protection, is designed especially for retail, logistic, health-care and warehousing management market. It includes a  friendly functions and with replaceable multiple interface cable options that makes it more easily to be operated by customers to accommodate it to user’s environments. It supports up to 500mm reading depth of 1D and 2D barcode, its scan rate is up to 120 scans per second in linear emulation and 60 images per second in 2D area mode. Based on CMOS technology for optimal image sensitivity and dynamic range, the IG710 features scanning speeds two times faster than traditional 2D imagers. IG710BT equips with Class 1 Bluetooth V2.1 EDR technology with transmission range up to 100m / 328.08 ft. in line of open sight, supports both SPP and HID profiles can easily pair up with other Bluetooth V2.1 compatible mobile equipments or systems. In short, IG710/BT is a high performance rugged gun-type handheld area imager scanner which provides customers with the most cost-effective solution in the market and perfectly suitable and definitely the best choice for any retail and logistic , health-care environment.


IG710BT Scanner Description

  • Can read 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • 3 in 1 combo interface that changes interface by replacing cable.
  • Rugged casing that supports IP54 protection and 1.8m dropping on concrete surface.
  • Comply to Bluetooth V2.1 Class 1 technology, range up to 100m/328.08 ft. in line of open sight.
  • Bluetooth supports HID and SPP profiles.
  • Support batch transmission mode, memory capacity stores up to 30,000 inputs of EAN13 barcode.

IG710BT Scanner Accessories

    1. Adaptor-5V(180 degree)

    2. Battery-600/700 Series

    3. Cable-CHK-600/700 Cradle-RS232(Black)

    4. Cable-CHK-600/700 Cradle-USB(Black)

    5. Cable-CHK-Cradle-PS/2(Black)