As Certified Dealers of Quiko Italy We do offer a number of Automation Solutions and Products as Categorised Below

Swing Gate Operators

In our Local market and region this is the most used and installed kind of gates in most premises mostly residential areas.With our Quiko solutions you can change all the hustles experienced with closing and opening this kind of gate

First Choice Welmed cat battente

Sliding Gate Operators

First Choice Welmed SLiding Gate Header Image

Mostly embraced in the west,we are introducing our customers to to this kind of gates which are awesome and operate well in ares where there is minimal space as they do not require swinging space.

Automatic Barriers. Bollards and Parking Systems

Being vital to monitor cars and individuals entering and leaving any premises for security reason.We First Choice Welmed do offer the best sollution for main access automation and parking system inventory and control

First Choice Welmed Bollard Main Page Header image

Control Devices and Control Boards

First Choice Welmed control and board image header

A good system is worth nothing without the brain and a way to communicate to that brain.Having know this and building on our suplliers highly tested systems we at First Choice Welmed do offer the besy Control Devices and Control Boards for each and every solution that we offer to our Customer

CCTV & Alarm Systems

With Security being a key function in any organisation or premises,we view our CCTV and Alarm installation service as vital in helping one document and know what is happening in a certain environment and that is why we do offer the best CCTV and Alarm Systems in the Market.

CCTV & Alarm Systems Image

Electric Fence, Uninterrupted Power Supplies & Inverters

In the recent days the use of electric fence as a security level is on the increase.With our expertise in electric installations and security system installation, we are proud to manage to offer this service to our clients. Also we are glad to notify our clients that we do now stock and install Inverters and Commercial Uninterrupted Power Supply Commonly known as UPS.


In our frontier of automating systems and making work easier, we do stock and sell the best Code Scanner in the world.With us being a Certified Distributors of Champtek Scantech ID, We do sell a range of there product ranging from 2D scanners to Qr Scanners Both Wired and Wireless with various specifications