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As a company we do understand that the best thing that we can do is to give our Customers the best and that’s why we are open for consultation with our Clients in order to Manage to understand thier need and be able to give them the best advice so that they can make wise decisions in there installation.

Site Survey and Location Scouting

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Before we commence installation of any access automation system,Our engineers usually visit the site to see what kind of access system is currently installed in a premises.This visit to the site is usually useful and mandatory as it help us evaluate what kind of installation system is needed plus help our engineers do feasibility studies to access cost installation benefit and offer any other form of advice that may be of help before the commencing of the whole project.


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There is nothing Nice like seeing a well laid out functional system which has been properly installed and tested for its functionality.Well we at First Choice Welmed we pay key attention to each and every installation that we do as we know the importance of a system that runs perfectly as it was designed to without giving our clients any stress.With each and every installation that we have done our clients always have the last and best smile at the end of the day as we take our time to plan,actualize and perfect our installation to avoid any faultness that may arise from a system that has not yet been well installed.

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Just Like any other system our access  installation require check up and maintenance from time to time.Once we have installed any access Automation We do encourage our clients to take up an annual maintenance or Bi-Annual maintenance so that they can be assured that there automation system is running well 100%

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Automation Advantage
Automation Efficiency 99%
Ease of use 95%
Security 90%
Electric Consumption 5%